Best Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights

Battery powered motion sensor lights don’t have a very good reputation for being the best lights available. Many of them are junk especially any bought more than a few years ago before LED’s became standard. Some of the most common complaints you hear even now are that they eat batteries. Or that the lights themselves only last a very short time if they work at all. But many people simply have no choice but to use these lights. For example those that rent or live in apartments are usually restricted from freely adding standard light fixtures. Even though many times these are the very places that are lacking good quality lighting.

Then there are those that can’t afford an electrician or just don’t want to spend money on one. So there only option is alternative lighting like solar or battery operated. So for those looking for the quality battery powered motion sensor lights here you go!

The following list of battery powered motion sensor lights are all sold on Amazon. Each has a 4 Star rating or higher with at least 350 or more actual customer reviews. We feel it gives you plenty of information with which to make an educated purchase. We have listed lights with the least amount of complaints. As well as added a few tips for improving the function of the lights.

Benefits of Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights

• No wiring of any kind!
• They install easily with a few screws or double sided tape.
• Indoor/Outdoor Use!
• Auto shutoff
• Great for closets, stairways, attics, basements, utility rooms, porches, gazebos, garages, showers, campers, tents and RV’s. As well as any other place that might need a little pinpointed light.

Best Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights

The Fulcrum 20031-101 is an Amazon #1 best seller and for good reason. First it’s small measuring only 5 ½” x 5 ½”. It has 6 bright LED lights that are adjustable so you can light the exact location you battery powered motion sensor lightsneed. It also comes with a photo cell sensor that keeps it from turning on during daylight hours. This saves battery life and has a 25ft 100 degree motion detection zone. And after about 15 seconds of not detecting motion it automatically turns off. It also comes in three colors silver, bronze and white. Powered by 4 “C” batteries which are not included. One thing to keep in mind with this light is because of the light detection sensor this light works best in completely dark locations. Other lights may keep it from turning on with modification (See Tips for Improving for information of this).

Mr. Beams MB 980 Ceiling Light

This bright little light is designed for small areas like closets and stairways but many people actually use it in their shower! It is weather resistant and lights an area up to Mr. Beams MB 980 Ceiling Light260sqft. It has a detection range of 180° out to 25ft and automatically turns off after 30 seconds of no activity. The long lasting high end LED’s will allow more than 3200 activations from a single set of C-cell batteries (not included). As with many battery powered lights if the batteries get “low” the motion sensor and light sensor stop working properly.

Also based on user reviews the life span of this light seems to shorten the more it is used and seems to have about a one year lifetime if used daily. But if you find yourself in need of answers to a problem you can contact the manufacturer at or call (877)298-9082 for support to get it working properly or to replace the unit if it is defective. – Mr. Beams MB 980 Ceiling Light

Here is a video on the MB980 that shows you the features and how to install.

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Mr. Beams MB 980 Ceiling Light

Mr. Beams MB530 Indoor/Outdoor Step Light

For those with lighting problems on a path, steps or stairs here is another great little light made by the good people at Mr. Beams. It has anMr. Beams MB530 Indoor/Outdoor Step Light Amazon rating of 4 ½ stars. It covers 120 sq ft or roughly a 10’ x 10’ area. Detects motion up to 12 feet away has an adjustable auto shutoff that can set to 20 or 60 seconds. One set of C-cell batteries on this light is good for about 5000 activations (not included). This light is also weatherproof and has a UV resistant housing that helps increase the lifespan of the light.

This light is included with two mounting options, screws and double sided tape. But if you choose to use the tape you should know that when the time comes to change the batteries you will need to buy more tape on account of the screws that hold the battery in will be under the tape.

Here is a video on the MB530 that shows you the features and how to install.

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on the Mr. Beams MB530 Indoor/Outdoor Step Light

Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED SpotlightMr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

And for those that are looking for a much brighter battery powered light the MB360 is the light for you. This great light is actually one of the best rated lights on Amazon. It has over 2,500 reviews and is rated 4 ½ stars. The light measures 3.5″ x 6.6″ x 4.5″ so is a little bigger than the other lights on this list. But it is powered by 3 D-cell batteries to give it that extra brightness. It detects motion 180 degrees out to about 30 feet and automatically shuts off after 30 seconds. It covers about 350 sq ft and each set of batteries should last around 1800 activations

Here is a video on the MB360 that shows you the features and how to install.

Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

And if you are in need of something even brighter the Mr. Beams MB393 300-Lumen Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered LED Ultra Bright Spotlight with Motion Sensor is the same as the MB360 only brighter!

Tips for Improving The Life and Function of Lights Used Outdoors

Before buying just remember that no matter the brand or manufacturer, battery powered motion sensor lights can’t be expected to perform the same as a wired in light. But after personally owning and reading 100’s of reviews on this type of light we have two tips that will greatly improve the life and function of your light.

1) No matter what the manufacturer says if you are going to use your new light outdoors it is best to keep it out of direct contact with the elements. Some type of roof or covering is recommended though we know this isn’t always an option.

2) Buy some Dap 18354 Seal ‘N Peel Removable Caulk, 10.1-Ounce  which will be used to seal up your light from any and all moisture. Remove the battery door and place a small bead around the edge. You can also apply it to any other cracks you see in the light. If you get any other kind of caulk be sure it is the removable type or you won’t be able to remove the battery door to change the batteries when the time comes.

Following these two simple steps should greatly improve and possibly add years to your light and its batteries.
The battery powered motion sensor lights listed in this article will only go on in complete darkness but this review explains how to adjust/fix this if you feel it necessary.